• The whole world has been talking for some time now about Internet, likewise so has the "small world" of our parish,  
    Mutter vom Guten Rat (Mother of Good Advice). This is the reason why 
    a Project group, "Internet" has been launched. It comprises honorary  
    members of the community of all ages and categories of profession, who wish to make use of the facilities of the new medium of communication.  

    The contents of our Homepage will cover the different themes and activities of our community life and possibly, interactive:  

    -Publication of our monthIy Cornrnunity News Letter.  
    -Details of church services from the Dean's office.  
    -Reports on the group and community work within the Mutter  
     vom Guten Rat.  
    -Announcement of important events, e,g. bazaars and community  
    -Cooperation with other church communities. Establishing contacts  
     with other institutes, e.g. schools.  
    -Articles and comments on current subjects and events concerning  
     the church and the world.  

    -and by no means least: we hope and wish that many interested,  
     communication-friendly, surfers of Internet, computer kids will take up  
     contact with us as well as persons who are still tackling the development  
     of the new medium.  

    Why don't you join us: We would like as many persons as possible, either in permanent or casual cooperation to participate in our project, i.e. both the technical and contents layout of the homepage.  
    Is there an article in your parish newsletter which may be of interest to others outside of the community? Has the church council compiled an important document covering principles? Was the last sermon exceptionally profound? There are more than enough subjects and motives: instructions with respect to several queries concerning the co-operative work of laymen employed in the services of the priests, reduction in working positions within the community, the liturgical annual circle...  

    Would you please publicize our offer in your community. Notify suitable persons of this project: Juveniles and adults, computer freaks and bookworms, theologians and talented organisers, honorary and full-tirne based employees... Knowledge of computers is only necessary for the technical work. We are looking for persons who can program, write, translate or simply contribute ideas and conceptions to the project.  

                 We are looking forward to hearing from you.  

                               Everything online, or what?